Lily and the Lovely Library

If there is one thing I know about children's books it is that they adore some alliteration. Can I get an Amen? Lately I realized that the Bug has all of her books memorized. She can glance at the picture and tell you everything on the page. That combined with the new found awareness of how to treat books and the self discipline to follow through led me to the conclusion it was time for Lily to get a library card.


I was so excited!!! She was so excited!!!

By the grace of God and His sweet reminders I actually managed to remember to grab my phone and snap a few pics.


She got to pick out most of her own books although I limited her to one Fancy Nancy book and one Dr. Seuss book per week.


She took the choosing of books pretty seriously and scanned each one carefully.


She ended up with a Fancy Book, Mr. Brown Can Moo, and a book of her choosing about Bugs on an airplane. It seemed appropriate.


I also choose a children's book version of The Magic Flute (because why not throw in as much culture as I can), and a cute book called All God's Critters about animals and the music they sing. (You will be proud to know that at least for this week I managed to refrain from the Elephant ballet book that is chalk full of ballet terminology.)


The checking out process stressed her out a little because she wasn't about to give up those hard mined books.


Fortunately our librarian quickly handed her the first book she checked as sort of a down payment on the other books.


We were still parked beside the building when she pried open her first book and read all the way home!

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