Lost in Translation

I know this will surprise most of you but I don't really need any help. Okay okay, I just like to think I don't need any help. I like to figure thing out the hard way. You know royally mess everything up and then learn from my mistakes.

So it's not that surprising that I'm probably the only married Christian female on the planet that hadn't read Love Languages. However I finally picked it up (yes I owned it, just never read it) the other day and dove in.


All the sudden certain shall we say, irritations, that Russ and I oh-so-rarely experience (because our marriage is perfect, you know)(haha) started making so much sense. Quick run down...

Kaylie: 100% giver and receiver in terms of Love Language is quality time. But quality time looks different on different people. Some peeps want meaningful conversation, some want shared activities. My version? Proximity. I don't care what you are doing or if you even acknowledge my presence as long as you ignore me from two feet away. And that goes both ways. I don't want to entertain you, but I may just follow you around because I want to be close enough to smell your toothpaste.

Russ: 100% Acts of service. He will go to the ends of the earth and back to get something done to show the love. He also likes to do things without being asked (in fact asking has an adverse effect) and he wants you to do the same.

Now I don't know if y'all can see the rub in all this, but this is where some MAJOR UNDERSTANDING happened for me. Because someone can't be close to you if they are busy doing things and you can't be doing things for someone if you are just trying to be near them.

You see the rub?!?!?

Anyways all that to say the level of grace and understanding has been brought to a whole new level in this household, just by unintentionally getting some Godly wisdom from somebody else.

Go figure, humbling myself and seeking counsel worked again. Who'd a thunk it?