Lubbock in my Rearview Mirror

Yikes! Just a little more than 24 hours until we move because our moving day keeps getting moved up! We are almost ready to go I just have to find a place to fit ALL Russ's shoes. No really, he has a ton of them!

Anyways since I promised a little more Lubbock nostalgia before I go, here you are:

Top ten things I will miss about Lubbock:

10. Orlando's, Spanky's, Double Nickle, Caprock, Chimy's, Fuzzy's and any other native Lubbock resteraunt. The food around here is just plain good!

9. Music. In Lubbock there is always music somewhere. A jazz concert on campus, a concert in the park, a music festival. You can't go ten feet with out falling all over people.

8. Wal-Mart. Now this one is a little controversial because its a love hate relationship. However I'm sure that I will love it a lot more when it is not readily available.

7. 15 min to anywhere. Now I know in a small town it's only two minutes to anywhere, but I don't fool myself that there won't be lots of long trips to get things like, ya know, groceries!

6. Free access to all the apartment pools. I could pick a different pool to lay out at every day of the week (and often did)!

5. Proximity to Texas Tech. Just in general. Ya know running on campus, athletic events, free concerts, a pretty place to walk around.

4. Carol of the Lights. Enough Said.

3. The Riebles House. My home away from home where there was always a good meal to be had, a tire to be fixed, or a SYTYCD marthon to be watch on a rainy day!

2. Thursday's with Lauren and Emily. Nothing like a patio and good friends to make a week better!

1. My family at Calvary Chapel Lubbock!

But like Pastor Ben said, As long as there is Texas Tech Football, we'll be back in Lubbock!

Okay I gotta go find some more boxes to put the Shreck houseshoes in!