We are going to start this off today with two facts:

  • I haven't had tv since my freshman year in college.

              I couldn't afford it for awhile and then I just got used to not having it; even when my mom gave me a tv it just sat in my living room unplugged for months.

  • I haven't been at my dad's house to hang out with him for a long time.

              It was just easier to meet him in Amarillo than to come out to the middle of nowhere.

Those two facts being stated we are going to discuss some recent lunch habits.

I have been going over to Russ's house for lunch. I walk in he asks "one sandwhich or two"  Then we proceed to sit on the couch on watch...(drumroll please)...The Young and the Restless. Yeah, I was determined not to fall in that trap, but I did I now I can't seem to stop myself.

Now that's kinda funny (especially if you know Russ), but that's not even the meat of the matter.

Today I'm sitting around watching the History Channel and making lists (yeah I know I'm the coolest person you know) when my dad  walks in asks if I want to have a sandwhich with him and proceeds to turn on Days of our Lives.

Okay, I get it. Guys date girls like thier mom and girls date guys like thier dad. But really. I mean REALLY?!?!

Besides the obvious (name thing), now we have this, and the more I watch my dad in his environment the wierder it gets. I'm slowly comming to terms with it , but I'm not gonna's CREEPY! And that's not even to mention that both of them watch of all things Soap Operas. Geeze.

The good news is tommorrow is the weekend so there will be no lunchtime freak out. The bad news is that I have to mow more (if you were wondering how that went today, just read yesterday's post and repeat).

Have a fabulous weekend.