Make Room

It's almost Christmas!!! The bad news is that we have been fighting the plague around here. We have holed up and choked down as much chicken soup and vitamin C as my people can possibly stand.

We are now left with a few measly coughs and I'm feeling way behind all of the sudden.

I'm tired and everything is messy. I've been fighting big emotional battles and I've had to say no when I really wanted to say yes.

So this, I think the people of Bethlehem get a bad lot. We talk a lot about how nobody made room for the coming Christ, but truthfully we don't know what it was actually like. There may not have been any room. Each house and inn may have had people sleeping on couches and floors and it may have been that they had to say no when they wanted to say yes.

Also? At the end of the day somebody did make room. Somebody, somewhere said, "Yeah, it won't be easy, but we can make this happen."

Maybe it was the innkeeper. Maybe it was the other people in the stable that night. Maybe it was the dirty, homeless, beggar that decided to sleep on the street so the pregnant lady could sleep with a roof over her head.

We don't know exactly. We just know that it happened.

Somebody scooted over. In a dark, dingy stable. Somebody made some room.

And that one dark, manure filled corner lit up the whole world. 

God didn't need Bethlehem to clean up their messes or put up their best show for our Savior. He just needed a little room to make a light so penetrating and bright that no one in that cram packed town could have missed it.

So maybe as we head toward a crazy Christmas this week, with messy houses and sick kids. Maybe as we contemplate broken relationships and broken finances. As we sit down and shed tears over the no that we wish was a yes, we could make a little room.

Just one tiny, dark, messy corner. Not much. Definitely not anything anyone else needs to use right now. Just that dingy, set-aside place. We could scoot over. 

Because I bet if we could surrender that one dark place, with no expectation of cleaning things up or making things perfect. We might just see the most beautiful display of light that we could ever imagine. Because we might just get to see it from the inside out. 

Merry Christmas!