Making Memories

Sometimes, it's hard on both an adoptive mama's heart and her sweet babies heart that we missed so many memories together. I mourn the things I missed with the boys and I know they it breaks their hearts that the girls share memories that they don't have. Some of that will just take some time. But this one. I wasn't actually there for it, but I have been waiting for it. For a mama that is widely inconsistent, I have been as steady as the West Texas Wind when it comes to getting pictures of my kids in front of the Will Rodgers statue at Texas Tech.

Saturday? Russ went out of his way to make that happen for me!


YALL!!!! Those are our boys! Our boys in Lubbock! So excited!


They had a man-day and went and watch some basketball!

Also? Why do all my kids always seem to be in a pile?

I guess we are good at family togetherness!