Managing Myrtle

Okay so yall know how we discussed Myrtle's Rebellion? Well I decided to be proactive in crushing the mutiny. So I did what I always do.

I Googled it. (phhhst, don't act like that's not what you do too)

I discovered that for various and mysterious reasons relating to blood thinning and lower blood pressure many postpartum mommies have discover Apple Cider Vinegar water works for them. In fact, even though nobody knows why, it has even been proven to regulate cycles and lessen symptoms. So I decided it was worth a shot and I whipped some up on OH MY GOODNESS THAT IS SO GROSS.

But I think it's working. Because it seems that Myrtle has been tamed a little. Unfortunately it also appears that if I skip it we are right back in bad place. So it appears from now until Miss Myrtle calms down her stubborn streak I'll be holding my nose and toasting a bottoms up to the yuckiest drink evah. That's right Myrtle. You are no longer running this show!


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