Manic Monday

After almost three beautiful weeks off the alarm rang today. Not only did it go off, it went off at 5:00 AM.

Now Russ and I are usually morning people, however for all the get up and go we had this morning you wouldn't even be able to start a remote control car.

Because of this morning's experience I have devised a new after holiday's work plan:

Work will begin the Monday after the holidays, but it will start at noon and work its way back in 30 minute increments so that your first full day will be eight working days after you start.

Really it makes perfect sense. This would be best for employers as well as employees because then you would not have people on the clock who only have half their brain there (if even that), therefore resulting in increased productivity!

See now that I've solved the world's problems you should probably stop reading my blog and get back to work ; )!