Medical Review

Let's crunch some numbers today shall we? 3- Number of people living in this house.

29- Number of check ups and physicals we have been to in the last 23 months.

2- Number of hospital visits we have had. One to give birth. One to rehydrate my very sick husband.

2- Number of clinic visits we have had due to actual medical issues.

14- Number of times I have had blood work done in the last 22 months.

3- Number of days we had to have home healthcare.

6- Percentage of medical facility visits that were for actual medical treatment.

For an incredibly healthy family of three we seem to spend AN EXCESSIVE amount of time in the doctor's office don't ya think?

Fortunately our sweet pediatrician went ahead and scheduled Lily's 18 month appointment at the same time as Ava's two month appointment should be. And as relieved as I was to hear there would only be one visit the reality fell hard and fast on my head that SOON I will have a toddler and a newborn and we will be right back on the doctor train!

So today I'm going to choose to thank Jesus for health insurance, preventative medicine, and good health. (The alternative being I go crazy from having to go to the doctor YET AGAIN)