Meet Big Bertha

My precious mom and dad-in-law surprised me yesterday with a big ole want of mine. It was not a need. However my back? Is eternally grateful for the gift, because my current set up for walking was to pop the Bug in the stroller and strap miss Avacakes to the front of me. That set up worked great until, as babies are wont to do, Ava started getting bigger.

But now, oh now, we have Big Bertha.




Now you may be wondering why I, who am all about being frugal and living simply feels the overwhelming want for Big Bertha. Well I know we have talked about this a lot before but I walk.

Not a little bit.

I walk to the grocery store, the post office, and the park. I walk for my health, I walk to get things done, I walk to blow off steam, I walk to pray. If walking were a love language it would be mine.

I'm pretty sure Boo and Aunt Connie indoctrinated me young. There a few nights of my childhood I can't recall them strapping on their Reeboks and heading out at a dizzying pace.

If I don't walk for a day or two I get the itch.

That's why I'm so thankful for Big Bertha!

Also in case you were having trouble counting I have two babies and three seats. A bonus seat if you count the fact that we are still have Ole Blue. You know what that means....