Meet Marty

20120323-133204.jpg This is Marty. We love Marty she is fiesty, she can talk your ear off, she makes a mean German chocolate cake and she loves Jesus.

She lot her husband and both of her daughters some years ago. She lives alone and she delivers CDs of our pastors messages to friends that our homebound.

Tomorrow our college group and a handful of precious hearted volunteered are gathering at Marty's house to try and bless her socks off!

Thanks to the Both Hands Foundation and Lifesong for Orphans we are going to take out team out and work on her house and yard and they are collecting sponsorships for the work that will go 100% toward bringing our son home.

It works just like a 5K or a golf tournament except instead of an athletic activity you are sponsoring a day of work.

Please pray for us, pray that we would glorify Jesus, that the motives of our hearts would be pure an that we would truly bless Marty. If you would like to donate our go to our page and click the donate button!