Messes and Melting

Up to this point we have been blessed with an incredibly clean baby. She rarely spits up and has only had one blow out that I can remember since she was born. So maybe I got a little spoiled...

Until this morning of course. It was bound to happen. It had to. So sparing you all the gory details I will just say that it involved four diapers, 10 wipies, a onesie, legwarmers, socks, mommy's sweatshirt, a changing pad cover, and more Shout than you could believe possible.

Right in the throws of it I was kinda melting down, having a bit of a panic attack at this crazy thing happening to my spotless child. I was almost in tears wondering, did she eat something bad, is she sick, is she trying to get back at me for always making her wear outfits that coordinate with mine?!?!?!?

And then she did this:

Accompanied by a sound that sounded somewhat like a laugh (it also sounded somewhat like a squack, but choose to believe what you will)

And I melted in a completely different way! I mean really. Who cares if she permanently stained every bit of fabric in her bedroom. Who cares about messes when Lily has a heart melting smile like that.