Milkin' It

We had a touch of the drama around here recently and I'm just now getting around to sharing it because, quite frankly, I'm drowning in this three kids thing. In a departure from my usual rhetoric I can honestly say that I do not exaggerate at all when I say that I fall bone weary into bed before 8:00 every night evening. Back to the drama that must be shared. Last Tuesday night I had this crazy desire to nurse my baby in peace, so Hubs offered to take the girls to the back while he showered.

Ten minutes later I heard a crash. By the time I managed to detach and check to see what was happening Russ was already in the living room. Carrying Lily. With blood gushing out of her head. So much for peace.

Turns out he had put both the girls up on the bed and The Bug had promptly hopped off, and you know that incited little sister to want off too, but our bed is way high. Naturally she climbed over to my nightstand where her big sister "helped" her off. While they helped themselves off the bed they also helped my nightstand off its legs thereby shattering the glass lamp sitting on it.

Thus the blood gushing from Lily's head.

At this point everyone but Russ was crying and a little hysterical (Jane was mad her meal got interrupted) and you might think that was the drama part of this tale, but you would be wrong. Because sometime after the tears settled and glass was disposed of I realized we had another problem that I hadn't noticed because, you know, blood. Ava wasn't moving her arm.

Oh. No.

Long story short she had dislocated her elbow. After a day full of x-rays and a visit to an pediatric orthopedic doctor, and a pretty pink splint we all headed home so I could fret so that I could fret for two days because even though the doctor said she was fine she still wasn't moving her arm. Ava totally had me in a tizzy about her immobile arm when she saw her big sis and a friend jumping on the trampoline and she let herself go. She swung that arm up and put all her weight on it with out so much as a grimace trying to get up there. Stinker.

And you might think that was our drama, but you would be wrong. Because even though my adventurous Ava is now back to climbing on things, jumping off of things, running into things, and other things anytime I ask her to do something she doesn't want to do she points to her arm and shakes her head painfully.


We got Drama with a capital D and that rhymes with...well not M, but anyways that stands for Milking it.