Miss America

GUILTY PLEASURE Some thoughts on Miss America:

-I will be ignoring the swimsuit portion for obvious reasons

-THANK YOU for rocking the one shouldered beaded gowns. That is pageantry at its best!

-However a little color would be nice. Just not sure how many versions of silver, gold, white, ivory I can take.

-Loved the spicy version of Chopsticks, The Skinny white girl singing the Temptations..eh not so much

-Also whoever is running the Oklahoma America show these last several years, you are doing a stellar job!

-Dear Miss Arkansas, AWESOME TALENT. Double Ventriloquist Yodeling in a red sequined jumpsuit cannot be pulled off by just anyone. You, my dear, did it well.

-Not so impressed with the dancers.

-Can anyone explain the "Civil Rights movement of our era" to me? She didn't reference anything!

-Okay I get the diplomatic, political answers, but it seemed like the least genuine portion. I was not impressed.

-Phylis George I love you, but that dress was a bad idea.

-I really thought Hawaii had it

-Miss Arkansas got ROBBED, but congrats to Miss Nebraska!