Mixin' it up

A sampling of a convo between Russ and me: Me: I have decided to blend. I think it will help me be heathy.

Russ: (Silence)

Me: Really I think it will be a great idea, I'm going to ride my bike to Wal-Mart  (so I can use my new basket)  to get some ingredients.

Russ: Okay, if you think so I'm sure it'll be good.

Me: It will be great!!!!...So how do you work a blender? Do you know how to work a blender? Do we even have a blender? (All said at a rate of 100 words per second)

Russ: Are you joking? Please tell me you are joking.

The truth was I was not joking, but also I am sitting here drinking a spinach and strawberry smoothie right now! I told you it would be fabulous!!!!!