Mom Life and a Fall Fix

Y'all today was Stitch Fix day!!!! Yayy! Unfortunately, there wasn't anyone to take pics. Here is what happened when Alex tried...

How is you vision?


Are you done? Great!

Anyway, I just snapped some pictures in my bedroom and so the colors are atrocious. Sorry 'bout that.

The good news? I have an iPhone and my fix was awesome!

IMG_4881 IMG_4870

I feel like story of my Stich Fix dresses is "almost, but not quite." I adored this dress, the cut, the fit, everything. But it was a little pricy and navy polka dots, which I just got a navy polka dot skirt last time.


This one is for the jacket and the jeans. Both of which I loved. But budget would only let me keep one and the jeans won, since, if you know me at all, you know I have a sordid relationship with jean shopping. That moto jacket was smokin' hot though. In another life I totally would have kept it.


The shirt above and below were both kind of fails for me. I loved the fabrics and the prints, but they were too flowy and I don't own enough shape to make up for that. Also they hit me right at the hips. After three babies? Not so much.


Due to budget I only kept the jeans this time, but I feel like my stylist is really starting to get me. Which is seriously something, because you know. Weird.

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