Mom Shorts, Modesty, and Hair extensions

I have lots to tell you and since I favor list and bullet point writing (that probably doesn't actually count as writing ) Here we go: 1. I told Lily that she was going to her first sleepover on Friday. She took me very seriously and DID NOT sleep while we were in Lubbock. 2:00AM=Not as cool as it used to be!

2. For the sake of modesty I decided to buy some shorts with a 5 inch inseam. They officially make me feel like a soccer mom. Oh Emm Gee in just a few year I will be a soccer mom. Hold me!

3. I spent two hours cooking last night (My cousin has a sick baby, so there was a need for casseroles) (I'm southern, Jesus is the answer for everything, accompanied by a casserole) which marked a record for me. That also makes me feel a little too Stepford.

4. I got a feather hair extension which cancels out those last two by representing my extreme funkiness and cool mom status!

5. Lily learned to sit up by herself, and this pic is just begging for a caption...Anyone?

(And, yes, since you asked I did let my six month sit up alone on the edge of a three foot counter, BUT I was right there the whole time)

( And obviously it ended okay)

(Back up off me)