Mom's Best Friend

Have you seen UP? We love that movie around here and a huge part of that is because it is so darn funny every time on of those dogs says "SQUIRREL".

Turns out it works for more than dogs though because for me it is the dog that is the distraction.

Lily crosses the line and I have to get on to her. As redirect her to play with something else I can see the melt down bubbling.

The arms start swinging. The head bobs from side to side. The wimper starts to grow....



There it is. The ultimate distraction. The "GOG"

This strategy also works for a baby that doesn't want to get dressed, doesn't want sit in the highchair a minute longer, or won't stay in the room that you need her in.

Sometimes it feels a little like cheating when I should be enforcing. But, hey, a mom has got to pick her battles!