Motor Skilz

Everybody, All together now...


(Just so you know we call that butterfly her Lily Pad, cause we're cool like that)

So Lily has developed some skilz. Some motor skills to be exact. She can reach up to her mouth, intentionally grab her pacifier and pull it out. Around here we are big fans of development so this little development is AWESOME...

except that it's so not awesome.

Because while she has the skills to pull it out, she has not yet mastered the skills of putting it back in. So during nap time I have to go take her hand and guide the paci back into her mouth (we haven't mastered letting go yet either) approximately 437 times. (Hyperbole, How I love thee!)

So we're still waiting for the rest of those mad, crazy skilz. Can someone give me an idea of just when they show up?!?!?!