My Avacakes is Two!

Hi sweet Mae Mae, This last Friday you turned two years old and you turned two with gusto. Come to think of it you do absolutely everything with gusto. In fact in going to go ahead and admit to you that I think you are turning my hair grey. In your defense I'm laughing every time another silver hair pokes through.

You my sweet girl are a total class clown. Sometimes that means that you push boundaries a little further than I like, you're a little braver than I'm comfortable with, and you're tend to be sassiest than I think I can handle. Sometimes mommy needs to be stretch that way and that's why God gave me you. You, precious Ava, make me laugh till I cry, you make us all laugh, you make me creative, and you teach me to let it go sometimes. Thank you dear child for that, it's a lesson I dearly have needed.

You are feisty and fiery, and sugary and sweet. You play with energy and then you sleep with outstanding serenity. You aren't big on the tantrums but that's mostly because you're sharp mind has almost always already moved on to the next thing. You love deeply and give freely of your hugs and kisses and after nap cuddles, which is good since your daddy and I can't get enough.

Happy birthday my crazy girl. I love you!