My Pretty Woman Moment

I don't think it's any secret that I love Stitch Fix. The longer I hang in there the better my fixes get, but a few months ago I thought my stylist had done lost her mind.  She sent me blue skinny cords. What the heck?


That hardly seemed practical. HOWEVER, I had torn a hole in my ONE and ONLY pair of skinny jeans the day before, and if you know anything about my history of shopping for jeans, than you know I wasn't eager to walk down that road.

So on a whim, I kept them

They are now my favorite pants. If I weren't so darn over winter I would be sad that it is almost too warm for these pants.

But in the a moment of poor decision making (of which there are a lot around here), I was trying to bleach the kids sheets (so many bodily fluids) and I splashed jeans on my favorite pants.

I just 'bout lost my mind. Having a pair of pants that I actually like is such a rare thing for me that I darn near cried over spilt bleach. Fortunately, even though for the most part parenting has made me lose all ability to logically think through anything, it has given me an amazing ability to improvise.

I tapped into my inner Julia Roberts and grabbed a dark sharpie and started filling in the little bleached out dots on my pants, filling in all the little white spots.

Good news people, it worked. My favorite Stitch Fix pants are saved.

You can go ahead and put on that on Myth Busters.

Just a head's up, I get some credit if you sign up for Stitch Fix from my link, feel free to help a sister out if you are interested. I clearly have issues and need the help.