My Village

Last week I subjected y'all to all the moaning and groaning of my current misery and, I won't lie, it felt good to whine a little. Right there at the end I thew a little shout out to "my village". That's what I call the eclectic and far spread group of people who are, ya know, there for me. My distant friends, my best friends, not people I talk to everyday, but people I know, people I like, and people that will extend the hand of kindness when a barn needs raising. Get my drift?

I have always had a pretty eclectic village. I have my church body, my home peeps, my LBK friends, college groupies, my village even extends to my mom's village and her employees who I have grown to know and love. I have a dad that never ceases to pray for me (mostly he knows I need it badly) , an aunt or two that would literally muster an army in my defense, and in-laws that know no bounds in their care taking.

So I've always felt pretty set with my village. I've watched them rise to the occasion multiple times and I hope I, also, have participated in the uplifting of someone else in whose village I reside.

But until I poured out my heart last week. (Well I was definitely pouring out something.) I didn't realize.

I had forgotten just how big my village has gotten.

I forgot.

You. So many of you. Prayers. Well wishes. Messages to let me know you where thinking and praying for me.

I was blown away.

Seriously right now I want to give my whole entire village a hug. (I will refrain because the teeth brushing hasn't been regular around here.) (or at least not useful.)

So just wondering? Who all is in your forgotten village?

If I could buy the world a coke...