Natural (Cheap and Parnoid)

So Russ and I have been cutting back because we are the cheapest people alive. Okay that's not true, but we do enjoy pinching a penny when we can, and also? I have become a paranoid hippy.

It's true. Strange but true.

In my effort to save a buck/rid out house of synthetic chemicals (don't worry we aren't even close) here are a few of my new favorite things:

Vinegar- It can do almost anything. Seriously. I use it to clean everything now, and best of all? It costs way less than buying all-purpose cleaner, bathroom cleaner, so on and so forth.

Coconut Oil- We are a family prone to seriously dry skin, and living in a semi-arid climate that is in the midst of extreme drought. That means a lot of very expensive lotion or a jar of coconut oil for $5. Bonus: it works as a natural diaper rash cream as well.

Flax Seed- The girls in this house tend to have some tummy issues. Flax seed? Amazing. I grind it up and put it in just about everything now. Lots of fiber, lots of Omega-3, little protein. All good.

Epson Salts- Oh goodness. I could write a love letter. Strangely I found out about this in relation to ADHD children, I saw that someone posted it can help release toxins and cleans a system. It's true. It also exfoliates and your body absorbs the magnesium a mineral most of our bodies badly need (without taking any pills) (I'm not fan of that). It can also help with digestion and works as a natural fertilizer. Amazing stuff it is!

Also I'm thinking about doing this.

If I decide to there will probably be a boring and tedious chronicle of how it goes.

Bring on the Pachouli (yup I said it Boo!)