Nervous Energy

So we had our first homestudy visit today. I feel like this can best be described with a time line. 2:15: Attempt to put Lily down for a nap

2:16: Panic because she does not fall directly asleep

2:17: Remember that Lily likes to talk herself to sleep

2:30: Vacuum

2:38: Walk around the house so that it doesn't look like I just vacuumed because I would hate to be one of those obsessively nervous people pleasers and anyway my house is always this clean ;)

2:45 Remember that we forgot to vacuum "Fiona's Couch" (ummmgross)

Russ gets a wet paper towel and starts removing cushions

ME: Just Get the surface!

RUSS: This is really close to the surface, I have to get it all

ME: She can't see that, just do the top

RUSS: (I kid you not) Well if she just sticks her hands between the cushion she'll know its dirty

ME: *silience*

2:52: Finish cleaning the house. Make sure paper work is all together. Check on Lily

*Sit and talk while we are waiting on her*

3:01: She calls to say she will be late

3:03: RUSS: We'll sit at the table anyways

ME: What?

RUSS: Oh I was still thinking about the couch...

And it's a good thing too because she walked in our house and stuck her hand right down in between the cushions...


Homestudy went great! Lily was an angel (as always)! Thanks for the prayers. We'll keep you updated