A poem:

Today is a oh-so-special day

Although he does not like pomp and fuss

It's time to go out and play

Because today 30 years old is Russ!

Most of the time he seems so young

But on Sunday's after basketball

He always looks like he popped a lung

The doctor's usually need a call.

When it comes time for him to eat

There is nothing better than a juicy steak

While that can't quite be beat

There will still be room for cake!

Fiona (the dog) will celebrate too

She will jump as high as a kite

And no one will dare to boo

If she's fiesty he might even get a birthday bite.

Russ is full of cheesy jokes

but he loves the Lord with all his heart

and that is not a hoax

It just goes to show he is very smart.

So stand your ground and be bold

He can take it he's no dove

Give him a hard time about being old

He knows it all done out of love!!!!!