New Year Clean Out

Why do you people let me do this stuff? Especially when you know my obsessive tendencies combined with my minimalist tendency form a terrifying storm at my house?!? Why? Why? WHY!?!?

Because now it's January 1st and my house is upside down and I'm trying to dig my way out. Seriously though. I've always been pretty obsessive about keeping things cleaned out but I didn't realize how hard that is with the ever changing needs of kids.

So in the spirit of the new year I'm sharing some of my clean out goals this year.

-Be able to walk in our utility room: Now this has a lot to do with all our snow clothes and wrapping supplies being out, but that stuff desperately needed a more accessible place that was NOT the floor of the utility room.

-Easily accessible and clean up-able craft supplies: Is that a thing? Or a word? Or whatever? If it is I'm gonna find a way to do it. Lily has fallen in love with crafts (much to my dismay) so I need to find a way to allow it without losing my mind.

-Making room in our small house for Russ to have private office space: Did I mention Russ got a new job that means working from home a couple days a week? (!!!!!!!!!!) He has been driving to Amarillo to go to a coffee shop, which sort of defeats the purpose of, you know, working from home. However I'm sure you can see how our home isn't the most conducive to quiet work space.

-Figuring out bedroom and closet situation for five kids: now I know I sound like a broken record because I was saying the same thing this time last year, but I fully expect to be a family of seven soon. That means we gotta figure out how to cram a lot of little bodies and a lot of little clothes in a small space. *I think I can, I think I can*

-Cleaning up my internet/mental space so I can be more productive: I miss y'all and I miss writing but I've found myself distracted and disorganized and unable to get it together. I finally got the feedly app on my phone and only added the blogs that I find helpful, inspirational, and uplifting. Also I took the Facebook app off my phone. Not that I'm totally ditching it but I prefer Instagram for quick keeping up and my usually happy newsfeed seems to have taken a dive lately. Clear the mental clutter.

-Make room for new things: And by things I (mostly) don't mean material things. I just felt like our house and our minds were bursting at the seams . You can't do anything new and fabulous if you don't have the space for it. First up on my list? A piano that my aunt is donating to us (thus *some* new material things) and a determination to learn to play!!!

So that's what I'm neck deep in right now. Are you cleaning anything for the new year? Are you a resolution person? Share!