New Year, New Blog

Y'all. Things are looking a little different around here.

I have had this (well not specifically this) little blog space for longer then I have been in a committed relationship with my husband. I decided that it's probably okay to invest in this little space where I record our lives.

But lately I've been dreaming some God-inspired dreams that called for a little revamping of my space.

So here it is.

My own domain and coding that I was up doing at 3:00AM last night. With a free template from and a blog add on kit, several hours of video tutorials, and some photoshop help from my friend Jessica we got it done.

Can someone please explain why a three minute tutorial never fails to take me three hours to figure out?

So, if you were getting this blog by email you still will! It just might take a couple more days.

If you were following along socially you still can! It will be the same as it always was.

If you are following on a feeder? You might want to update it to, it will be easier that way.