New Year, New Stuff, New Hope

Hey there! It's been awhile! I'd love to tell you I have been crazy busy caught in a Holiday hubbub but that is so far from the truth I can't even justify the excuse. The truth is I've been sleeping in while Hubs makes breakfast, taking naps, watching football and planning for a still foggy future. The two main reasons I haven't been blogging though are these:

1. I have been having a lot of opinions lately and generally for me that means shutdown. My hardcore ENFJ personality makes it extremely difficult for me to share and opinion even if I sometimes manage some grace in the message. So I just stop talking if I can't tell people what they want to hear. (Ill work on that y'all!)

2. I have spent morning, noon, and night googling Ugandan travel and stalking the babies' home Facebook page. Seriously. The other day Russ had it pulled up with Lily on his lap and as he scrolled through the pictures she didn't miss a single beat when she saw Big B's picture load she yelled, "That my brudder!!!"

Mostly I've been in a time of emotional turmoil in which I want to pack up my family and head over to Uganda indefinitely until we can bring the boys home. I have been pouring over everything from culturally relative food to best attachment practices. Which is great and all but I've also had a overwhelming need for some tangible evidence that this is all real.

Thus a minivan.

That's right we joined the club. And yeah I'm not going to deny that minivans look a little along the lines of a duckbill platypus, but I dare anyone who has children (or maybe even not) to try one out and see if you don't love it. Automatic doors, captain seats, more storage than imaginable, personal lights for each seat, ect, ect, ect.

The point is, I'm a fan.

Also a trade mark of "larger" families (four or more in our culture), we purchased the bunk beds that I went all neurotic over. They need a little sprucing up but I seriously couldn't be more excited!

Y'all are just going to have to bear with my while I process everything currently happening in our lives!