Newborn Daze

Day three at home with a newborn. This should be a "Keeping it Real" post in which I fold back the curtain to reveal the brutality of nursing aches, all night nursing, jealous toddler-babies, and yucky post-partum bellies. And you should surely know that we are experiencing ALL of that right now.

But I can't write that post. Just can't do it. Because I LOVE HAVING A NEWBORN. I love having two sweet girls to care for. I love watching the Bug be stretched into new maturity, I love getting to spend special moments playing with her, I love praying over my sweet Ava at that 4:00 AM nursing session and all the aches that remind me I have a baby in my arms now.

Maybe is the oxytocin talking. In all fairness though, I felt this way when the Bug was born too. I'm not crazy enough to think this is normal. There are women who are much better and more dedicated moms than me that struggle with this phase. By the grace of God I just happen to bask in these early days.

Also BY THE GRACE OF GOD I have an easy time of it. I have now had two healthy, full term, non-traumatic births. Nursing has come naturally for both of them and milk has been abundant. I have husband who is there to help out every step of the way and a family, church, and community that lavishes love on us.

Please don't hate me for loving this so much (and I'll try not to be bitter that you enjoyed your pregnancy ;))