No-Poo Week 2

I want to start off by saying at the end of this post there are pictures of me that I took in the bathroom mirror. I feel like I need to apologize and repent for judging any of you who may have done this (which if you did it I judged you). So there is that.

On to the no-poo (which is such an awkward nickname, but then I guess not shampooing your hair is kinda awkward too).

I actually really love it! It's easy and cheap and y'all, the other day I curled my hair and it stayed curled all day! I meant to take a picture as proof but let's face it I'm notorious for never taking pictures.

Point being I may have reached the hair related goal I discussed here. It may have been purely coincidental, but I think not.

A few thing I noticed: 1. My hair definitely had an oily transition period, I just washed every other day during that first week. Normally I would only wash every three days.

2. I needed Much less Apple Cider vinegar than I thought (that may have caused some of the oil). My hair is long and thick and tangles easily so I thought I would need lots. Less is definitely more and still a great detangler.

3. If you have lots of hair like me it's probably best to make sure you brush your hair out before you get in the shower. It makes the massaging Baking Soda into the hair part much easier!

Here is how my hair looks now:



And yes that is my 37 week belly hanging in the sink. Come on Miss Ava, time to meet the world!!!