No Words

No, it isn't that there are no words. It is that there are no words big enough. Spectacular enough. Awe inspiring enough.

Sometimes there are no words.

God did the thing y'all. He did the thing.

Because even if the words aren't big enough. Even when my prayers aren't big enough. He is.

He is. 

We are leaving two weeks from today to go to Uganda. Our agency pressed our lawyer and once pressed he met with the head judge over all the family court and explain our situation. It is by no means going forward without complication, but it is however going forward. We will be trying with all our might to get the court dates combined, perhaps after the last crazy week I should be saying praying with all our might. However, if the dates don't get combined we will end up attending an emergency hearing to combine them when we get there.

I just really didn't have enough faith to believe this could happen after last week. After so many things had gone wrong. Y'all.

So here is the dill my little pickles: When we are in Uganda I will be blogging as much as I can about as much as I can. Some of that info (and those pics!!!!) will need to stay private though. So I will be setting some of the post to password protected.

Wanna follow along?

Email me, call me, or tell me and I give you the password.


Let's all step away from our computer screen to have a little Praise Jesus party, shall we?


Thanks for partying with my and my Savior!