Not So Bueno

I know. I said I'd write and I haven't. As could pretty easily have been predicted it has been bad. The good news? I don't think it's quite as bad as last time.

The bad news? I'm pretty sure that is because I'm nit trying to 'tough it out' this time.

That means LOTS of time in bed with my new friend Zofran. The feelings of helplessness are more overwhelming this time and I have to pray CONSTANTLY that the Lord will overcome my demon pregnancy hormones and give me grace with the people, mostly women, that just don't get it and because of that really tend to hurt my feelings.

Y'all I say mostly women because now that I'm on round 2 of incredibly sick pregnancy I have noticed that it's the women that don't get it. Men are generally not only understanding, but accommodating (especially the wonderful man God saw fit to give me)I'll just go ahead and attribute it to their fear of all things pregnant and just assume it's because the worst was already surpasses in their fleeting imaginations of what having a baby might be like.

Anyways, my point being is a call for the ladies to bond together in this. Wether you adored being pregnant and never felt nauseous or you struggled with Hypermesis for nine months or somewhere on between, let's not condemn one another for not being able to stand during church worship, not being able to eat what everyone else is eating or possibly even sit at the table at all, or just not being able to lift your sick dizzy head off the pillow for awhile!

Cause y'all? As nice as the guys are in this one, we are the only ones that can truly understand. Let's go ahead and decide to use that to edifying and not condemn.



Also, please don't tell me to drink Ginger Ale and eat Crackers because I'm losing the grace race on hearing that!