Not So Super

In which I share my Superbowl opinions... The Football was awesome and surprisingly gripping considering I didn't think I cared.

As far as commercials go I just have to say this...WHEN DID TRASHY BECOME THE NEW BLACK?!?!?

(Here comes the rant) I mean when a commercial about Detriot featuring Eminem is the one of the LEAST profane commercials something has gone seriously wrong. And also how does a trailer for for Fast and Furious #27 become Superbowl-worthy?

Also I could probably spend days talking about the light up unitards with box heads doing the running man, but really, I think they just spoke for themselves.

So to recap I actually enjoyed the football part of the Superbowl, the car commercials took the cake (Chrysler, Beetle, Darth Vader), and everything else (which took the majority of the time) smelled a little like one of Lily's diapers.

Thanks and have a good day.