Not Surprising Surprises

Things that catch me off guard that shouldn't: 6. Wal-Mart. This is self-explanatory. Why do I continue to be delusional about my shopping expectations there?

5. My reflection. After 5 months of nausea and vomiting, heartburn, baby flutters, and a growing belly you think I wouldn't be shocked every time I catch a glimpse of myself with a baby bump.

4. The Will of a One Year Old. I mean I knew we had some of it coming, but who knew such a little girl could have such a strong will, and for that matter strong opinions and strong lungs. I'll choose to thank God for a strong child rather than complain.

3. How Easy Convenience trumps Common Sense. This could apply to anything, but especially in parenting. I mean we all do it from the outside, we think to ourselves, "Well why don't they just..." A few weeks ago I realized that I always wait until Lily is sleeping to pick up her toys. Tell me how my child is supposed to learn this skill if she NEVER sees it, or helps do it.

2. My Obsessiveness. It's no secret I'm going through a tough time personally. So as a treat to myself I started listening to Christmas music yesterday. I don't foresee myself getting burned out in just two short months. That just doesn't happen to obsessive people.

1. Motherhood Love. Don't get me wrong obviously I wanted to be a parent and I expected to enjoy it, but I had no idea how much I would savor it. I had no idea that I would just never hit a stage that I wish would hurry up and be over. I loved praying over my baby during midnight feedings, I liked going for walks during her colicky times to calm her down. Even now I have to stifle a little giggle when she throws a nonsense fit, because I know someday it will seem silly to all of us. I didn't expect being a mother to help me to love my Hubs more. I didn't expect it to help me to love God more.


What still surprises you?