Nothing New Under the Sun

See the thing about being pregnant is it's really nothing new. SOMEONE SOMEWHERE has been there and done that the exact same that you are going through. As a young woman in my twenties I really had heard almost all of it too...All the funky side effect, all the weird scary stuff, but really the thing is none of that seems to matter when it is HAPPENING TO YOU!!!! I am very very sick right now. Russ would tell you that I asked for it by walking around the last two weeks saying things like, " I just don't feel very pregnant".

Okay...I was asking for it, but now that I do feel very pregnant can I take it back?

I really am putting in a good effort right now in fact here is the list of things I have tried to no avail:

  • Ginger in any form- Tea, Ginger ale, Ginger snaps
  • Peppermints and Jolly Ranchers
  • High protein snacks every few hours
  • High carb snacks every few hours (You really don't want to know how these last two went)
  • Not drinking until 30 minutes after my meals
  • Standing on my head and massaging my armpits. (Just making sure you are still with me)

But thus far the best advice I've gotten is just keep eating and be grateful that your sick cause it means you still have pregnancy hormones.

So for that I say THANK YOU LORD for my sickness! I'm adjusting my attitude to be grateful that I got what I asked for and that as far as I know right now everything is going on just swimmingly. More little blessings in disguise (a very good disguise) from GOD!