Official Adoption Update

The news is... There is no news.

We are still waiting for our referral and from what we understand it could be another year or more before that happens.

Obviously I have am struggling with this. I get so frustrated. I hate not knowing.

So when that happens I have to remind myself of what I DO know:

-God's timing is perfect. He will send us our son when we are ready.

-God has called us to this, He will be faithful.

-Our agency has stellar ethics and they are sticking to them.

-Even if (Lord please forbid) the worst case scenario plays out and we never bring our son home I'm a better believer for what God has taught me through this process.

-Patience is learned by practice. The sooner I learn the lesson the faster I can stop taking the test.

I have stopped reading adoption blogs because it kinda hurts. I haven't even popped in a Karen Purvis DVD in awhile (gasp!). Right now my adoption thought are prayers for my son and I'm taking a break from studying it, thinking about it, and talking about it.

But I can darn well assure you the minute I get out of this dip in the roller coaster or (even better) we hear something I will let you know as fast as I can push submit!!!