On My Last Nerve

I'm am in the process of playing some serious catch up and all I want to know is who pushed the fast forward button?!?!? So after a crazy couple of weeks of traveling I was determined to spend last week at home resting.


Needless to say those four and half waking minutes I spent at home were wonderful! And could someone please inform my bathrooms that I like to hibernate in the winter and I'm no longer interested in their maintenance.

While most of my exploits were a blast and involved lots of parties (which in turn means lots of food, which of course thrills me to my soul!) there was one not so fantastic afternoon that sent me into a big stinky funk that no smelly cheese could rival. I had to have a root canal.

In case you don't know what that is, they pry your mouth open, stick rubber in it, and then use enough drills on you to make Home Depot jealous. It was not pleasant and unfortunately its also not over. But here is the kicker...my dentist told me that I eat too many carbs. MY DENTIST TOLD ME I EAT TOO MANY CARBS!!!!! Not my doctor or nutritionist or anything of the sort but my dentist. And I have only two things to say to that:

1. Pitiful

2. I'm going to go make some biscuits for breakfast...