Dearest Ava Mae, You are now one year old. ONE YEAR OLD!!!! Yay! This first year with you has been such a joy for me and your daddy and you continue to blow us away!

You were born one year ago with a sweet smile on your face and the calmest newborn disposition I've ever seen. That hasn't changed one little bit. If I had to sum you up in just one word it would be sweet. It is why your our Avacakes.

Make no mistake though, you have a spicy side too. You have proven to be pretty sneaky in getting what you want and just as adept at disarming those of us who are on to you with your big toothy grin. I love it! I'm not falling for it, but I love it.

You have had such a big month. You have started signing, saying words, sanding independently, and just yesterday you kinda sorta took a step or two. Okay it was more like falling with style, but this mama of your was no less proud.

Daddy and I continue to pray for you constantly! We love celebrating with you when you work hard to accomplish something, we love laughing with you when you crunch up your nose, and we love these last fleeting moments of your babyhood. We will cherish every moment of it, but we are happy to watch you blossom!

I love you sweet baby!!!!!