One Month

Jane-a-roo, It has been one whirlwind month since you made one whirlwind appearance in this world. You seemed so little and so fragile then, I know better now.

You see Miss Jane the other day I watched you sleep in your bouncy seat. You slept while I hollered at your dad to come get Ava who was trying to get your paci. You slept while Lily put on a concert of the ABC's and dinner boiled over and forced mommy to make a loud exclamation. You slept while daddy tickled you sisters in shrieks of laughter. You look curiously around while your sisters pull and tug at you, but nary a cry escapes.

Your world is different. There are no hushed voices because "the baby is sleeping", there are no worried looks or tears because someone isn't holding you just the right way that mommy thinks they should. Not every onesie you have has your name monogrammed on the front. You sweet child are currently the youngest of three sisters, and sometimes that is going to be a hard place.

But sometimes dear girl, it will be so much more beautiful than you can imagine. Because somewhere in the middle of stealing your paci Ava likes to steal a kiss. In the middle of he concert Lily likes to make sure your feet are covered. Daddy always walks into the room happy to scoop you up and stare adoringly at you in the midst of chaos. You are pulled and tugged at because your sisters are so adamant that they want to help dress you and hold you. What they really want? Is to be a part of your life. You may not have a personalized trousseau, but you have a big sister that adores picking out your socks and leggings; sure it makes for some,errrrr, interesting outfits, but they are outfits put together with love.

That's what this is all about Jane, love. You life will probably never be quiet or gentle. You may just get flat out exhausted by your big sisters and even mommy and daddy, but you were born into a home full of love, and laughter, and more than a small slice of crazy. And you my dear girl? Stepped right into your place without hesitation. Just when this mommy thought there couldn't possibly be a bigger love than she already felt, your teeny tiny little self proved me wrong.

Thank you sweet girl for adding big love to this little family.

Love, Mommy