One Year!

Baby Bug! You are one year old today! This has been the fastest year of my life, it seems like we were watching football with you in the hospital just yesterday. It has blown me away how much your little body can grow and learn in just 365 days.

You are our rolly-polly, our hungry caterpillar, our stinkbug, our social butterfly, our busy bee, our lady bug, and sometimes on special occasions you are our snuggle bug!

You have begun to develop into such a sweet little girl. You are joyful and exuberant; at the same time you are seriously intense and amazingly focused. You play pretend and read books, you love to splash and you sneak the dog food from the table. Just this week you started saying mama and dada all the time!

Oh little bug I wish I could explain to you all you have taught your daddy and me. You have taught us what it means to love intensely, through you we can see more clearly God's love for us. Your very presence has made us better people. Better servants of Jesus. We pray constantly that someday you too would understand that love as well!

I love you Lily! Mommy