Sorry for the blog slacking but I've been trying to catch up on my sleep. That's what happens when you spend the weekend with middle school get very tired. But in a great way, cause those girls...they rocked my socks!

We went to competition in OKC this past weekend and it was awesome. They did a great job across the board, I couldn't be more pround!

But laziness is still prevailing so in place of real writing here is a list:

Things you can count on at a dance comp:

1. Sparkly TOMS. Everywhere.

2. An extra hole in the ozone layer due to all the hairspray.

3. The rattiest sweats you have ever seen...covering up a $200 costume. I'm sure mom is proud.

4. That EVERY one of your dancers will tell you they forgot their dance backstage before they go on.

5. That EVERY one of them will not only remember it miraculously a few moments later, but rock it!

And then there is this...

More organized thoughts to come later.