Our Daily Bread

Y'all as the boys have gotten more comfortable with English, their prayers have gotten more interesting.

*Just as an aside…if you have not recently sat down with small children and prayed, do so immediately. It will bring delight and joy to your heart that knows no bounds both from the high level of adorable to funny to profound.*

But Eli in particular does this thing where no matter what we are praying for, be it a meal, bedtime, or a miracle, he starts with, 

"Thank you God for my chapatti." 

Every. Stinking. Time.

We have had chapatti (think thick tortilla) like maybe once in the last two weeks, but multiple times a day he thanks God for his chapatti. 

And every stinking time I get the church giggles. Because it is adorable and funny, and honestly? A little bit profound. 

Because this kid literally starts off every prayer by thanking God for his bread that day.

Thank you God for our daily bread. 

I'm frustrated and tired. I miss home, my babies, and more than anything my husband. We are still in therapy mode and soon to be thrust deeply back in to survival therapy mode. The days are hard. They are long. They are mostly unproductive. 

These are days that are ripe for amnesia to set in. The kind of amnesia that makes you forget all the miracles that came before. All the miracles that got you here. All the miracles that you would have seen this morning…if you hadn't forgotten to look. 

But in these long, hard days, we have our daily bread. 

More importantly we have our daily Bread. 

I get to wake up and watch God do his thing. Not only in me and the boys, but in so many families here, doing the hard and healing things. 

So today? Thank you God for my chapatti.