Out of the Mouth...

Linking up at The Parenthood today. Come join! In conjunction with Myrtle throwing temper tantrums my head has now decided to jump into the revolt.

Which means I'm just a joy to be around. In fact I like to share with a smattering of my stellar parenting moments from this last week.

- "Lily please go check on your sister"

This one may not seem like a big deal until you recall that I just asked my One Year Old to go check on my Infant. Teaching responsibility and caring right there folks.

- "Don't worry I just spoke with Poison Control the other day and Silica Gel is non-toxic"

I actually said this to Boo when she discovered Lilybug with a package in her mouth. Teaching a composure in all circumstances.

(Also with that knowledge does anyone else feel like they might be a little dramatic on those packages?)

- "Just shake your arms really fast and keep shaking them."

Said to my Bug when I realized that it was cold outside but I had already locked the front door and used the car blanket for Ava. Teaching fitness and survival skills all in one.

I'll be accepting my Mother of the Year Award in fudge please, thankyouverymuch!