Overly Ambitious

I'm not usually into the whole New Year thing. Mostly because the way my mind works I get a Fabulous New Idea pretty much every week that fizzles before the month ends. I know better than to commit myself to year long resolutions that will fade from interest before the snow melts. However.

I guess circumstances have just collided this year and I'm ready to shake things up a little bit. For one, Jane is no longer in that new born phase where you never really know when she is going to sleep or nap or eat. She is pretty solid on her rhythm now which makes me feel like we are finally settling in to life as a family of five. Also being three has brought HUGE changes in Lily. She all the sudden seems so very grown up and ready to learn. It's weird but fun that I get to challenge her and give her the responsibility she so desperately craves.

In my enthusiasm I feel like I'm maybe going a little overboard though because if I've said it once I've said it a million times: obsessive.

Anyway here are my resolutions plans-to-change-things-that-I-will-probably-forget-about-by-the-end-of-the-week:

-Memorize Psalm One as a family. (Ava is exempt due to the fact she is just learning to talk.) We are actually solid on this one because we are already in the habit of memorizing one verse a week and Lily already knows Psalm 1:1

-Let the girls to messy crafts. (Groooooooaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnn) Listen peeps, I'm absolutely spectacular at letting my kids get messy. As long as it is OUTSIDE of my house. And for whatever reason crafts annoy me. But I mentioned Lily is wanting more and this is part of it. Today we did shaving cream:


Clearly that went well.

-After I read this post over at Vitafamilae I decided that I might start a little training myself. (I'll share my thought about preschool/early education later) in the form of keeping a *very* loose log of the activities that we do during the day.

-Then I decided if I was doing that I should probably jot down a little bit of a meal plan to keep us on track.

-Which led me to order a planner, except none of them met my needs so I started designing one. (I'll probably show you later) because you know...


-Last but not least I decided to learn to play the piano after my aunt generously donated her old piano to my cause. I'm already three of these lessons in (we just got it Saturday) and I love it!

Overly ambitious? Probably.

Are any of you shooting for the stars this year?