Paci's and Pancakes

We decided that it is time to do away with the Bug's paci. She is close to two and from what I hear that's sort of an age where things stick and are difficult to get unstuck. Anyway she only gets it at night and nap. Well. It hasn't been fun so far. I mean it hasn't been terrible, she has taken a nap and she went to sleep, but first she cries. I hate hearing my babies cry. I'll keep you posted.

I'm fluent in Lily-toddler speak but as she uses increasingly complex sentences and vocabulary (and it turns out she actually is ahead of the curve in terms of speech) I'm having a little trouble deciphering; which is why I thought it was weird today when she asked for a "piture" with her "moncake."

But after snapping this picture:

20120821-014150.jpg This was the reaction I got:

20120821-014225.jpg So she's either laughing hysterically at me for taking a picture of her with a pancake or she's tickled that I got it right.

And then she started demanding "pitures" of all sorts of random things. And there was much giggling. I think she might have even laughed once or twice.

As usual my photography skillz were a little lacking, but I'll leave you with this chunk of cute to swoon over: