Pain in the....

Dear Lower Back, I know we have been struggling lately and I'm sorry. We have always had such a wonderful relationship in the past.

I apologize for for not appreciating your strong sturdy build more often. I'm sorry that I told you I wished you were narrower and more slender. I didn't mean it. Really. (Okay I did mean it, but I see the error of my ways now.)

In my defense I tried my best to keep you straight and strong. Ive always been a posture stickler just for you and I've always tried to work you out with out pushing you too far.

Now my dear back, I know we've been going through some tough times. That last pregnancy wasn't too bad, but I know it was probably a little much to put the pressure of another one on you so soon and I can't really help that our Bug is 22 pounds and still really needs us right now.

So what I'm really asking you is to just hang in there with me for three more months. I know your mad and letting your anger be known. I get that, I really do. But since we can't change our current circumstances any faster lets just try to get through this peacefully.

With all my love and appreciation,