Pajama Mamma

It is 11:15 AM and I am still in my PJ's. Saying that just brings up visions of relaxed Saturday's with nothing to do, but alas, that is a distant dream. The true reason for my all day Pajama party is because it dawned on me today that if I skip the whole showering, getting dressed, hair fixing thing I would have much more time to complete my overwhelming amount of tasks. Why do I have an overwhelming amount of tasks you ask? Because I can't say n....nnnnnnnnn....nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn...NO....There I said it. I can't even say it to myself when I get something in my head. I believe that is called self control. A fruit of the spirit I believe I have mentioned before that I lack. Anyways back to my time-I-don't-have wasting. Somewhere in between music editing, pureeing baby food, sewing costumes, dusting, laundry, filling out paperwork and staring blankly at my to-do list I decided to take a break and do something I really enjoy to help myself relax.

So I packed for this weekend.

It's come down to this. I PACKED A SUITCASE to RELAX. I'll just go ahead and end it there. We can't be headed anywhere good with this.