Parenting Struggles

So I know it's been said but I'm going to say it again. Parenting is hard. Way hard. As in you're responsible for guiding a little wiggly baby into a secure adulthood hard. The major parenting challenges that people talk about all sort of apply right now. I struggle with knowing where the line is with discipline and grace and also how I combine the two aspects.

I struggle with time management and spending time keeping my house clean and being engaged with my babies and my Hubs.

I struggle with giving the Bug consistent boundaries and where to give her freedom to explore.

Those are legitimate struggles and should not be minimized, but yall I'm pretty sure they pale in comparison to my biggest challenge currently. Because y'all? I MAJORLY struggle with not laughing hysterically When the Bug does something that is side splitting funny and also completely and decidedly NOT what she should be doing.

Excuse me while I go clean yo the water I just spewed while Lilybug was "playing" with my pump. (oh yes, that just happened)