Party Hopping

I should know better. I should always know better. But obviously if I actually did know better there would be nothing to post about. You see as I got dressed for work last night my long black pants weren't quite dry so I put on cut off at the knee grey sweatpants on. Not so bad right? Well my 'parking lot' is a mess so then I slipped on my snow boots. meaning about 4 inches of shin were showing...that as it would be did not have lotion applied.

So I finish 2 1/2 hours worth of classes when one of my friends says, "Hey Amy is having a party at her house to sell these really cute clothes, we should go"

Oh no... I can't I look terrible.

"Oh yeah don't worry about it there will only be a few people there"


Room full of adorable looking women.

But wait...

Then we headed over to a spa party at the salon!

So I am literally sitting there at one point with cut off sweats, a pebbles ponytail with a sweatband, a grey facemask, a lip treatment that looks like powdered sugar and snow boots.


Hear me now...I am never leaving the house without cute clothes and make up AGAIN EVER...NO REALLY!!!!

However it provided for a ton of laughs and a fabulously relaxing evening with the girls, wouldn't pass it up for the world!