Party, Party, Party

Okay so right now it's just party, party, but by tomorrow it will be all three parties. My weekend was kicked off in splendid style with my girlfriends throwing me a fabulous hat party. I love theme parties. I mean really no self possessed adult should love theme parties as much as I do. Nonetheless I am that person that insist that everyone dress-up and we're not talking kinda sorta maybe dress up. No. I make everybody go all out.

This party of course was no different so of course I insisted that even my friends Lauren wear a fabulous (yes that was part of the name, not just a description) hat. Now this was met with strong resistance initially, which of course I handled by applying even more pressure. When she got into the hat box Friday night however I saw a whole new person. There are few things in life that make me happier than someone getting carried away at theme party!!!!

Saturday night kicked off my second going away party. Russ, Fiona (the dog), and I headed to Miami Saturday morning (after I took a bath with light only from a Coleman lantern...remind me to tell you about that sometime). We spent the entire day with a big group of loud fun people and dogs because Chase brought home his puppy Diesel. Now I've seen a lot of cute puppies, but this one was something else, he was the epitimy adorableness. We added Mia to the mix in the middle of the afternoon and it was almost too much precious for one house.

We met up with my Aunt Connie, Uncle Gary and Jeff and his boys in Libscomb for the dance out there. It was a made to order night with cool weather, great food, amazing country string band, kersene lanterns, and well I could really go on for days. In fact I think I might have before. I tend to do that every time I talk about it. Every time I'm out there I can't help but just soak it all in, it's one of those authentic experiences that can't be replaced.

So here I am after a restful Sunday counting all my blessings! Sometimes it just blows my mind how much the Lord has given me.

On that note I have to go beat up my (oh so sweet) boyfriend because he will not quit blowing on his little kazoo thingy!!!!!!